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- Why Buy Our C60 -

Our C60

We source the purest form of C60 available in the world; sublime 99.99%. Our C60 is made with a sublimation process that means there are absolutely no solvents involved anywhere in the processing.

Our Olive Oil

Our certified organic extra virgin olive oil suppliers are dedicated artisan growers that have spent years developing their land beginning with small saplings and nurturing their grove into what it is today; a true labour of love.   Every aspect of cultivation has been considered and exceeds certified organic regulations including not using any toxic insecticides or fungicides, hand selecting the olives and immediately transporting the freshly picked olives to the press.  more on our olive oil

Our Bottles

We use violet Miron glass bottles which have amazing properties that protect and enhance the quality of our product.

read more on Miron glass

Our Values

Our vision is to deliver the highest quality and most natural products. This is achievable  in a country that is world renowned for its high quality products, standards and pristine environment.  We are passionate about natural health and doing business with integrity. 

Our Process

Our products are made under strict food processing regulations in a certified food processing facility, specifically designed to process innovative food products to international standards. read more on our process

Food Grade Facility
why buy our c60
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