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- Our C60 -

Why is you C60 Olive Oil better than any other suppliers C60 Olive Oil?

We use the highest purity C60 possible, 99.99+ % purity.

Our C60 is sublimed, i.e. manufactured without solvents (most manufacturers of C60 use a petro-chemical solvent and then an evaporation process in their production of C60 – they use the phrase ‘solvent free’ on the basis that they ‘believe’ that they have evaporated all the petro-chemicals away……).

Our Single Origin Organic EVOO is sourced from high character New Zealand Olive Groves that we have personally inspected – their Olive Oil is pure, natural, and with the highest polyphenol count (the most health benefits). No blended inferior oils are added as fillers (There have been numerous investigations and online articles proving that unhealthy or inferior filler oils like Canola Oil are being blended with Olive Oil by very well-known brands of Olive Oil, reducing the efficacy and health benefits of pure EVOO). A hint: If you’ve never coughed when tasting Olive Oil, then you’ve never tasted (real) Olive Oil.

Our Pure NZ C60 is not mixed or stored in plastics. We also use stainless steel containers (fustis) to transport our Olive Oil from our producers and for storage. We use stainless steel vessels and stirrers for our mixing processes, and we use glass bottles for our final product.

Our Pure NZ C60 is mixed in total darkness and in an inert atmosphere to eliminate oxidation and product degradation during the mixing process, keeping every ingredient pristine.

Miron Glass, that we use to store our finished product, is a specialised violet glass that protects and enhances its contents.

What is Miron Glass?

Miron Glass is a specialised violet glass, manufactured in the Netherlands. It not only protects its contents from the harsh and damaging frequencies of light, but actually selectively transmits the beneficial light frequencies to any product stored within it.

Dosage / Usage Protocol

Some customers have found it beneficial to commence taking Pure New Zealand C60 with an initial loading protocol for 10 days and then continue with a maintenance dosage. However, for those more sensitive, it may be more appropriate to commence directly with the maintenance protocol.

Loading Protocol (for 10 days then commence maintenance dose)

Up to 64kg (140lbs):               10ml per day

65 – 99kg (140lbs – 220lbs):  15ml per day

100+ kg (220lbs):                    20ml per day


Maintenance Dose

Up to 65kg (140lbs):               3ml – 5ml per day

65 – 99kg (140lbs – 220lbs):  4ml – 8ml per day

100+ kg (220lbs):                    7ml – 10ml per day


Note: A teaspoon is 5ml, a tablespoon is 15ml.


Pure New Zealand C60 can be taken with or without food. For those with sensitive digestive systems, taking Pure New Zealand C60 with food is preferable (as many people aren’t used to the peppery taste of pure healthy Olive Oil).

Can be taken at one time or spread throughout the day

Tell me about the quality of your Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)

Our direct sourced, single origin Certified Organic (or Biodynamic) EVOO comes only from high character New Zealand artisan olive groves that we have visited, inspected and have personal relationships with – ensuring we receive the highest purity EVOO with the highest polyphenol counts (the most health benefits).


No blended inferior oils or fillers are added to our EVOO (which does occur with some imported Olive Oils sold in retail), destroying the health benefits of the Olive Oil.


“If you don’t cough when tasting Olive Oil, then you’ve probably never received the amazing health benefits of real Olive Oil.”



We purchase our organic EVOO directly from our supplier groves, supplying our own specialty stainless steel containers (fustis) to each grove for transportation to us (avoiding plastics). We protect the Olive Oil, before producing our Pure New Zealand C60, by storing it out of light, in a controlled temperature environment, and in an inert atmosphere (no oxygen) so it can’t overheat, degrade or oxidize - keeping it in pristine condition throughout the ‘food journey’.

Real (Extra Virgin) Olive Oil has an incredible peppery bite (taste). It is very common to cough after tasting real high polyphenol Olive Oil.

How do you make Pure New Zealand C60

Pure New Zealand C60 is formulated with a pure sublimed (temperature separated, not solvent separated) form of high purity C60 (99.99+%). This pure form of C60 is then dissolved in a high-quality New Zealand organic extra virgin olive oil (over a 3 week slow mixing process). We developed and use a specialised gentle mixing process that maintains the high health benefits of both the C60 and the Olive Oil. This also includes mixing in total darkness in an inert atmosphere, using no heating in any stage of the production and bottling with Miron violet glass (which protects and enhances its contents).

- C60 -

We source a pure form of C60; sublimed 99.99% C60 which is the highest purity of C60 available. The C60 is purified through a sublimation process which ensures there are no solvents in the C60 unlike C60 that is purified with solvents and vacuum baked to remove solvent residue.

Olive Oil

- Olive Oil -

The olive oil in the landmark rat study was a high quality virgin olive oil obtained from a Chemlali Bourghrara cultival in the Sahel area. The olive oil in of itself extended the lives of the rats significantly and protected their livers from the toxic chemical carbon tetrachloride which usually causes liver and kidney damage.  Unfortunately most of the “extra virgin olive oil” found in supermarkets is oxidized and rancid due to poor process practices in harvesting, transport and storage and in many cases mixed with inferior refined oils such as canola oil. We have gone through tremendous lengths to source a high quality virgin olive oil for our C60 product as the olive oil itself will be the foundation of the health giving properties of this product.

We personally source olive oil from Stone River, a local small scale New Zealand grove whose owners are committed to using sustainable organic farming practices without the use of any chemical pesticides or fungicidal sprays. This years lab report for the oil in our C60 product shows the polyphenol count at 307 (an amazing antioxidant, the higher the better, usually it ranges between 50-500 in a high quality oil) and the markers for oxidation and rancidity very low with peroxide values at 3 (high quality oil range being 0-20).

From our growers:

​    "We have been certified organic growers, since 2005.

We are certified by OrganicFarm NZ, Certification No. 1411. As individual producers, we are audited annually.

    Our land lies on part of the old Waiohine River bed close to Greytown, with an extensive view of the Tararuas.

    We believe strongly in the importance of producing high quality organic produce at affordable prices.

    Our olive oils come from northern Italian cultivars. They are very high in antioxidants that are widely understood to contribute to good health."


 - Our Process - 
  • Made in a certified food grade facility.

  • Made with certified organic extra virgin olive oil purchased directly from our supplier groves. We supply the grove with our own specially cleaned stainless steel containers and also supply them with inert gas when required for sealing each container without oxygen. We arrange and monitor all shipping ensuring the highest quality process are maintained throughout the 'food journey'.

  • Made with sublime 99.99% C60 which is created using a prolonged and time intensive, but natural non-toxic process, without any solvents. The C60 in the rat study was 99.98% C60 which is oven baked to get rid of toluene, a toxic solvent. Sublime C60 does not come into contact with toluene or any other toxic solvent.

  • No heating or ultrasonication used anywhere in the oil process

  • Our mixing process is long time frame with slow stirring, providing maximum saturation while protecting the natural properties of the Olive Oil (generally a 21 day mixing period).

  • We mix using a specially designed blade, using only stainless steel components (blade, shaft, mixing tank).

  • We mix in a temperature controlled room (optimum temperature for Olive Oil), in full darkness, and in an inert atmosphere to negate oxidation.

  • Saturation of .8 grams of C60 per liter of olive oil.

  • Bottled in violet MIRON bottles which are superior to any other types of bottles for protecting and enhancing our product.

 - Miron Glass - 

Miron violet glass works like a natural filter that only lets the sunlight that protects and improves the quality of premium and sensitive substances. Miron Violet glass blocks the complete spectrum of visible light with the exception of the violet part. At the same time it allows a certain part to be permeable for radiation in the spectral range of UV-A, and infra red light. This unique combination offers optimal protection against the ageing processes that are released by visible light, thus lengthening durability and potency of products.


In the picture, three jars filled with chives after 2 months of sun exposure; the effects seen from left to right on Miron glass, amber and clear glass.

- Research-

C60, or Buckminster fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by Richard Smalley, Robert Curl, James Heath, Sean O'Brien, and Harold Kroto at Rice University. It is basically charcoal, made from burning graphite tubes at very high temperatures. It is a unique form of carbon due to its spherical shape, hence the name fullerenes  or bucky balls after Buckminster Fuller, whose geodesic domes it resembles.  Since its discovery, C60  has since been used and tested for various purposes from industrial to medicinal. Overall it has been found that whatever C60 is added to, it enhances the qualities of that substance.  Thus when added to a high quality oil, such as authentic extra virgin olive oil, it enhances the already present properties. According to scientific research, for extra virgin olive oil these properties include anti inflammatory, antioxidant, cancer prevention, cardiovascular protection and anti bacterial properties.


According to scientific studies (links on bold text) C60 has the following effects:



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