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Absolutely LOVING your beautiful product.  A woman with spin bifida has been taking your C60 for only 5 days and is now pain free after a lifetime of chronic pain – AMAZING!

Reseller from Australia

I have noticed a few things since starting the C60. My joints feel freer, like they are lubricated, although I have never had arthritis, they feel noticeably better. Maybe it is because I am a musician and am more aware of my hands.  I need less sleep and find myself waking up earlier in the morning and I find it easy to get up and start my day. I also find I do not need to eat as much as before. If I have any redness or dry spots on my skin they go away within 24 hours of topical use of the C60. I gave some to my daughter who struggles with reading and after only three days she actually took an initiative to get out a book to read and reading time is much easier now.

Anna, Christchurch New Zealand


I'm using Pure New Zealand C60 daily and after a 2 month break from gym training due to a pinched nerve in my neck I deadlifted 35kg more than I have in probably 15 years and that was during my first session back in the gym, all of my lifts have gone up, libido is through the roof and sleep has never been better!


Mark G-Train Griffith



I have had the blood tests done. Firstly the vein blood was bright red  which was also reported by Clif High.  So blood in better nick than before.  Generally the tests  showed small improvements across the board. I would need a medic who  understands these things to comment on them. I will need to see my GP in a few months to get his take on these results. I am aware the my skin is in better condition, Nasal issues improved,  asthma, lung issues improved, oesophagus improved and at times I think  my eye sight and hearing has seen slight improvements. These last items  will be checked out in coming months. Hope this helps. Improvements are by no means spectacular, but they are  noticeable.  In my fifth month of taking C60, 100ml per month evenly spread daily.

Regards Miles, New Zealand

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