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- Testimonials-

Here is some of what our customers have to say about Pure New Zealand C60:

- Pets-

Dear Pure New Zealand C60,


I recently bought a bottle of C60 for my almost 15 year old Samoyed dog Jedi who broke his right hind leg, during surgery prep they discovered a 15cm growth (most likely Cancer) on his right kidney. The advice given from the "specialist" was to put our dog to sleep and that he will not walk naturally again at all. After the first bottle (was another brand) he started to show pain again but within 2 days of using the Pure New Zealand C60 he has become a different dog! Not even a week later and Jedi is now not only bossing the whole household around and being so demanding but he's barking for walks every day and on each walk he's going at least 700 meters or more without a rest.


He's showing no signs of pain at all and has been off all prescribed pain medication before going on C60.


I'm using it daily as well and after a 2 month break from gym training due to a pinched nerve in my neck I deadlifted 35kg more than I have in probably 15 years and that was during my first session back in the gym, all of my lifts have gone up, libido is through the roof and sleep has never been better!


We will get more xrays for the growth inside Jedi over the next few months but we have no doubt it will be shrinking.


Folks, get your pets and loved ones on to the Pure New Zealand C60 as it's an absolute life changer.


Warmest Regards. 


Mark G-Train Griffith



Just after 4 days of giving my 16 year old Strafford Bull Terrier 5ml of Pure New Zealand C6 a day, she could go up the stairs again without help. After 2 weeks she could jump up and down from the couch (she has needed help to do that for the past 3 years) and she can play ball and run outside much longer then before. Thank you!! 


Willow, Christchurch New Zealand


- Skin Issues -

Previous to I was going to the store every week for five weeks and they couldn't help me at all. I even had to ask for a skin swab and a blood test, really useless.  


So I'm really happy with the results so far following this protocol, but the medium advised that I'll need to stick with it for a year 

The skin cleared super quick on my upper body, scalp and all areas are clear apart from scarring, legs are taking a little longer to clear up.

Kind regards 

Vanessa (photos above)

Sarah's testimonial (arm photos), I have it in my other phone, will get it Sunday

I gave my client Pure New Zealand C60 for skin issues on his neck. After applying the C60 the rough skin completely softened. He then proceeded to use the C60 orally and apply topically to some brown spots on his feet. The spots peeled off and are now gone!


Senior Advanced ConTact CARE Practitioner- Camille Nelson

 - Arthritis - 

After using Pure New Zealand C60 for 2 months my brain fog has reduced over 50% and keeps improving, I can think more clearly and concentrate for much longer. Also, my arthritis pain has reduced massively, maybe 80%, and I am now much more flexible as the joint pain has eased so much. I’m over the moon about how much this product has improved my life.


Verified purchaser, name withheld

 - Energy - 

Absolutely LOVING your beautiful product.  A woman with spin bifida has been taking your C60 for only 5 days and is now pain free after a lifetime of chronic pain – AMAZING!

I have noticed a few things since starting the C60. My joints feel freer, like they are lubricated, although I have never had arthritis, they feel noticeably better. Maybe it is because I am a musician and am more aware of my hands.  I need less sleep and find myself waking up earlier in the morning and I find it easy to get up and start my day. I also find I do not need to eat as much as before. If I have any redness or dry spots on my skin they go away within 24 hours with the C60. I gave some to my daughter who struggles with reading and after only three days she actually took an initiative to get out a book to read and reading time is much easier now.

I have had the blood tests done. Firstly the vein blood was bright red  which was also reported by Clif High.  So blood in better nick than before.  Generally the tests  showed small improvements across the board. I would need a medic who  understands these things to comment on them. I will need to see my GP in a few months to get his take on these results. I am aware the my skin is in better condition, Nasal issues improved,  asthma, lung issues improved, oesophagus improved and at times I think  my eye sight and hearing has seen slight improvements. These last items  will be checked out in coming months. Hope this helps. Improvements are by no means spectacular, but they are  noticeable.  In my fifth month of taking C60, 100ml per month evenly spread daily.

Regards Miles, New Zealand

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