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- Testimonials-

Here is some of what our customers have to say about Pure New Zealand C60:


Dear Pure New Zealand C60,


I recently bought a bottle of C60 for my almost 15 year old Samoyed dog Jedi who broke his right hind leg, during surgery prep they discovered a 15cm growth (most likely Cancer) on his right kidney. The advice given from the "specialist" was to put our dog to sleep and that he will not walk naturally again at all. After the first bottle (was another brand) he started to show pain again but within 2 days of using the Pure New Zealand C60 he has become a different dog! Not even a week later and Jedi is now not only bossing the whole household around and being so demanding but he's barking for walks every day and on each walk he's going at least 700 meters or more without a rest.


He's showing no signs of pain at all and has been off all prescribed pain medication before going on C60.


We will get more xrays for the growth inside Jedi over the next few months but we have no doubt it will be shrinking.


Folks, get your pets and loved ones on to the Pure New Zealand C60 as it's an absolute life changer.


Warmest Regards. 


Mark G-Train Griffith




After using Pure New Zealand C60 for 2 months my brain fog has reduced over 50% and keeps improving, I can think more clearly and concentrate for much longer. Also, my arthritis pain has reduced massively, maybe 80%, and I am now much more flexible as the joint pain has eased so much. I’m over the moon about how much this product has improved my life.


Verified purchaser, name withheld


Previous to I was going to the store every week for five weeks and they couldn't help me at all. I even had to ask for a skin swab and a blood test, really useless.  


So I'm really happy with the results so far following this protocol...

The skin cleared super quick on my upper body, scalp and all areas are clear apart from scarring, legs are taking a little longer to clear up.

Kind regards 

Vanessa (photos above)

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